Things to Avoid When Using A Washing Machine

Washing machines help make easy work of doing laundry. All you need to do is to select the right cleaning program, fill the basket/drum of the appliance with water, add the right washing detergents, put your dirty clothes in the drum, and turn on the machine. Unfortunately, not everyone that uses a washing machine usually achieves the desired cleaning results. These individuals often complain about unsatisfactory cleaning because they make mistakes when using their appliances. If you intend to purchase a new washing machine so you can alleviate the heavy burden of washing dirty clothes on a regular basis, there are some details you will need to be made aware of because they tend to be easily forgotten, thus affecting your clothes' quality and even damaging the machine.

Here are a few common pitfalls to avoid.

Not sorting your clothes

Washing everything together in one go sounds convenient, but you should avoid it because dark or coloured clothes could easily stain or discolour the light-coloured items. So as to prevent issues with colour run, take time to sort out the items according to their colours. Separate your dark, white and coloured clothes before embarking on your laundry. Additionally, you should be sorting the various items by fabric type. This will help prevent issues with snags and pulls resulting from washing items made of different fabrics together.

Washing with too much detergent

When it comes to laundry, more detergent does not necessarily lead to better cleaning results, contrary to what most people believe. In fact, excess detergent will demand more water and also damage clothes by making them look dingy. Aside from damaging clothes, the use of too much detergent also harms the washing machine being used. But you should also try to avoid adding very little detergent because it will only reduce cleaning efficiency. Make sure to always follow manufacturer's advice on detergent use to get best possible cleaning outcomes and prevent machine problems associated with excessive detergent in the tub.

Not emptying your pockets

Not many people remember to check their pockets when they are changing clothes. When it is time to do laundry, they simply put the dirty clothes in the washing machine without double-checking if there is anything that needs to be removed from the pockets. Currency notes and coins and other stuff not emptied from pockets can not only damage your washing machine, but also clog the water drain.